Around the world with the Tadka Girls

I love a book; any book. There’s something about holding a book in your hand, caressing the text and glossy pictures, slowly turning the pages; immersing yourself in the content – it’s almost sensuous and orgasmic. I can be with a book all day and night – food and water become secondary.

Now, in the kitchen, when I want to try a recipe, after scouring the internet, I jot it down and use my recipe book. It’s annoying to use a laptop or phone while your hands are sticky and gooey and you don’t know what’s going to splatter where. I am still a paper-pen girl. And from today, one of the most sought after books in my kitchen is going to be Around the world with the Tadka girls by Ruchira Ramanujam and Ranjani Rao. Each recipe is carefully crafted and I am sure, tried, tested and perfected in their kitchens, because what is there on paper replicates in 3D in the kitchen. This book is a keeper.

I made the savoury carrot muffins today and they are just as they should be. Soft, light, mild and that extra bit of cheese on top completes this delicious piece. I did not make any change to the recipe (including mixing the batter 14-16 times. I actually counted 😀) The aroma that was wafting when these little ones were baking is just soo.. hmmmmmm.. sigh!

The book is available for sale on Flipkart.


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  1. lovely muffins… should try that book


  2. tadkapasta says:

    We're so glad those worked for you, they look delicious! Thanks so much for picking up our book and for the review! Stay in touch!


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