Meet the bakers – Radhika Radhakrishnan

Today, we get to meet someone who has a full time job as a social media marketer with a leading IT giant and yet is taking the world of baking by storm. Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Radhika Radhakrishnan

Some excerpts from our chat

Q. What brought on baking?
A: It all started when I was in Bangalore 2 years ago while working and that phase of life when I was single, a life with my room-mate, a fellow foodie, a baker from whom I got this baking bug. My first cake was a cooker cake. I didn’t know anything about cakes then but had this urge to bake after all the baking tales I heard from my roomie. It wasn’t a bad attempt at all.

From there, I’ve done my own trials by watching videos, reading blogs, and by watching a lot TV shows. My marriage led me more way to pursue my passion for baking because my extended family loved whatever I made, even the worst disasters!

Q: And with a full time job, you’ve now gone commercial.
A: Today, through HBG I’ve gained more knowledge than I thought and I’ve cracked up a baking venture for myself. It’s called 5to7 Baker. The very reason that I’m doing commercial baking today is because of my husband and his dear friend who pushed me to take this to the next level. They’re primarily my guinea pigs, partner in crime, critics, whisker, cleaner, delivery boys for my commercial orders. 🙂 Can’t thank them enough!

Q: 5to7 Baker? 
A: 5to7Baker happened when I started to experiment with my bread baking in the early hours of the day between 5am-7am, hence I named my venture as 5to7 Baker. With a job in marketing & communication, an always on toes profile, I couldn’t think of any better time to pursue my passion for baking. It’s a bliss period I must say. The mind works so beautifully without any tension and disturbance around.

Q: So what do you specialize in?
A: I specialize in Gluten-Free, Vegan and my baking mainly includes fruits and veggies. I don’t have anything on the menu that doesn’t have fruits or veggies in it. That’s my specialty I’d say. I began experimenting with quick breads with fruits & veggies a while ago with an intention to eat them for breakfast. Thinking about a different / healthy breakfast option for 7 days a week wasn’t practically happening for me with a full-time job and repeating the same over the week wasn’t my goal.  I wanted to eat some healthy bread, with not much of sweet in it, but with fruits or veggies. That’s how I experimented and thought about this wheat based fruit & veggie breads as a breakfast option. I knew this would save up so many people’s life if given in the right combination of nutrition. I wouldn’t eat them if they don’t have any benefits in it. Hence, I began to add available and seasonal fruits & veggies, nuts, low-fat yogurt and made it complete fatless by not adding eggs / butter to it because this can be consumed without any guilt. I also don’t use regular sugar in my breads whereas I use jaggery and natural sweeteners for the mild sweetness in my breads.I play with wheat flour, millet flour, rice flour and almond meal for my breads and I believe this gives my breads a healthy edge. I’ve also specialized in gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free (this means I don’t use refined sugar at all in my bakes and replace it with fruits & nuts)

Q: That’s one healthy baker. What are you bringing to the table this bake sale?
A: I’m bringing in brownies – RedBeans Brownies – Eggless & Gluten-Free, Millet Brownies – Vegan, Wheat Beets & Carrot Brownies – Eggless, Wheat Pumpkin Brownies – Vegan.

My breakfast bread loafs – My breads are only wheat based. I’m bringing in wheat-based breads for the Grand Annual Bake Sale that will include Apple Ginger, Strawberry, Carrot Coconut, Chocolate Banana, Mango Coconut breads. These can be eaten for breakfast because they’re loaded with everything that you need to break your fast. It has carbs, fruits, nuts. Need I say more?

Also some fruity cakes – Orange Olive oil Cake and Almond Strawberry Cake. These are very special cakes loaded with fruits and tastes really good without any icing. I called them the nakedbeauty.

And she signs off – Never bake while in doubt and when done baking, never doubt your work! Good advise I must say! 🙂 

Meet Radhika and grab some healthy breads and cakes at stall # 8, at the Grand Annual Bake Sale, on the 24th of Jan, at Spaces, #1, Elliots Beach Road, Chennai.

Good luck Radhika. Cheers!


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